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August 5, 2018

Dearest WOWs,

It was wonderful and inspiring to see almost 40 wow mentors, mentees, and EducationUSA advisers from across the US and around the world at our recent DC MINI WOW mentoring event on Sunday, July 29, 2018. Lot of great conversations, networking, sharing, connections and positive energy took place over good food and a yummy tiramisu dessert!

Our EducationUSA advisers came from Australia, Canada, Mexico, Honduras, Egypt, Lebanon, West Bank, UAE, Singapore, Syria, Kyrgyzstan, and Kazakhstan, and were joined by 5 impressive young mentees representing all walks of life (students, young professionals, and a recent JD law grad).

Special thanks to 2018 WOW Artist Mary Pyle of Kansas State U for allowing us to raffle off her beautiful WOW-inspired artwork (see attached) and congratulations to raffle winner Jamila Searchwell of GMU/INTO!

Thanks too to our WOWs Joy Stevenson and Jamila Searchwell for volunteering at our sign in table!

As always, our events wouldn’t be the same without the generous support of our wow mentors. A huge thank you to our July 29, 2018 WOW mentor sponsors:

Caroline Gear
Kathleen Joyce
Silje Immerstein
Dorothy Mora
Mary Pyle
Leslie Schweitzer
Joy Stevenson
Marie Claude Svaldi
Dawn Wooten

IMPORTANT:  Mark your calendars for our 18th annual WOW dinner event, the “WOW Celebration of Life Middle East Style” that will take place at 7pm in DC (venue TBA) on Sunday, May 26, 2019. Get ready to enjoy Middle East foods and hospitality as we celebrate the chamzehs, jeweled colors, bling, arts, and rich traditions that we share across my part of the world - the MENA region.

Warm hugs to all,

Evelyn, Founder (
Women of the World for Women of Spirit TM


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