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February 13, 2018

Dearest wows,

It's that time of the year again - time to start planning for our annual wow4wos gathering: "The Power of Sisterly Love” 17th annual WOW dinner event in Philadelphia, Sunday, May 27, 2018!  

We have a lovely venue this year right near the Convention Center in Philly: MAGGIANO’S Little Italy.

The main dining room is reserved for our group but I had to guarantee and pre-pay a minimum of 50 guests up front. Maximum seating is around 80, so it will be first come, first served! Please confirm your interest and details immediately. Without this minimum, our event can't take place. Sisters, moms, daughters, friends, and new women colleagues from your networks are welcome - just let me know asap. Thanks.

WHEN: Sunday, May 27, 2018
TIME: 7:00 pm sharp
WHERE: MAGGIANO’S Little Italy, Palumbo Room, 1201 Filbert Street, Philadelphia, PA 19107,  

DRESS CODE: Think “Strength”, “Empowerment”, AND “Heart”, “Compassion” combined with just the right attitude as you dress and accessorize in your finest RED outfits. And please do NOT forget the requisite WOW bling jewelry and sparkle to accent your image - a must :) 

SET MENU: Family Style  menu of freshly baked rolls, crispy zucchini fritte, 2 salads, Fettuccine Alfredo (light version), Baker Eggplant Parmesan, Chicken Piccata (light version), Tiramisu, coffee, hot and iced tea, and sodas.

Total cost per person for above: $46 including all service charges, tips, private room charges, and taxes based on minimum of 50 attendees.   (Complete and email me form below to sign up.)

CASH BAR will be available from 7:00 pm - 7:45 pm during our mingle time, and over dinner of course!

VOLUNTEERS NEEDED! Let me know if you would like to volunteer for one of the following: 
1. SHUTTERBUGS:  TWO 2018 WOW official photographers needed.
3. GREETERS AND SIGN IN TABLE REGISTRARS. Great way to meet people and network :-)

Several EducationUSA overseas advisers from around the world will be in Philadelphia to participate in this year's NAFSA conference. My hope is that almost ALL will be able to attend our dinner along with our wonderful North America based wow network. This year's sponsorship will also include support for a few stateside and international women who are current graduate students, recent graduates and/or just starting out in their first job in the field of international education.  If you know someone, please let me know and ask them to contact me immediately. 

If you would like to contribute an extra $23.00 per adviser/mentee to help cost share for someone to attend, please indicate in your responses further below.

1. US based wow4wos MUST prepay by check in advance.
2. Attendees based outside the US may pay at the door on May 27th in US dollars, cash only. NO credit cards can be accepted.
3. Cost for dinner event is US $46.00 per menu above.
4. Cost of meal for EducationUSA overseas advisers/mentees who would like to be co-sponsored is US $23 per person, pending sufficient sponsorship.


May 27, 2018 WOW EVENT QUESTIONNAIRE TO COMPLETE AND RETURN BY MARCH 1, 2018 (priority deadline) to

First Name:  

Last Name:  

Organization/institution/office affiliation:  

Best mailing address (street, city, state/country, zip/postal code):  

Personal e-mail address:  

Cell/mobile number including country/city codes:  

I WILL attend the May 27, 2018 WOW dinner event:  YES ___     NO ___

Please sign me up for:

Number of dinner meals ($46.00 each): ____ ;

Number of WOW pins ($10 per pin or two pins for $15): ___ 
(See our website at for photo and design history) 

Number of sets of WOW note cards ($12 per set of 8 cards + envelopes, or 2 sets for $20): ____
(See our website at for details – limited stock remains!) 

I would also like to provide:

Technical maintenance support for wow website: (minimum $5 contribution to offset expenses) ___;

Sponsorship for wow mentee cost share ($23.00 per mentee): I will sponsor ____ mentee/s.

I AM a wow mentee and agree to pay $23 if sufficient co-sponsorship is available: Yes ___    No ___;

Total amount of your check (if based in the US): $ _______

Check number: ______

Dated: ______

Do you need a receipt?  YES ___    NO ___

1. COMPLETE and submit this questionnaire via email to by March 1, 2018. (priority deadline, first come, first served)

2. For WOWs based inside the US: MAIL YOUR CHECK (payable to "EVELYN LEVINSON") and a copy of your completed questionnaire to arrive by March 1, 2018 to:

Evelyn Levinson
4000 Massachusetts Ave NW
Apt 1208
Washington, DC 20016

Founder, Women of the World for Women of Spirit TM


Webmaster:  Jane Dunham